Thin Places 2 - Cynthia Schwertsik
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Thin Places 2

About This Project

Landscape Stories – Mutton Cove

A snippet of the video work.

This work is called Landscape Stories – after listening to many stories that related to the wondrous place: Mutton Cove, Jennifer my photographer and I walked around the park for many hours. We responded to the stories and the impressions that this place offered us. Continuously I carry a chair with me,  it reflects my sense of colonial ballast, my heritage.

Janine Peacock collected stories from past and present to describe the sentiments, attachments and relationships to this diminishing place. How do we reconcile with the continous push we apply as we tip the last little resorts of wildlife of the edges and lay down the bitumen and concrete?

We have no answer – we were visitors in a Thin Place