Exponential Growth - Cynthia Schwertsik
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About This Project

Exponential Growth

single channel video, 01:38 minutes and still image

images: Jennifer Hofmann

performance: Cynthia Schwertsik, Renate Nisi and Zoe Freney

Exponential Growth is a video made post fire 2020

and was presented at the LAB, Adelaide at a Symposium hosted by the J.M Coetzee Centre

and at The Adelaide Hills Landscape Prize, Hahndorf Academy

Locating ourselves in a place, the head planted on the ground, precariously swaying for balance, breathing and observing the sounds and scents around us. We call it: radical acts of sanity, an acknowledgment of our connection and dependence on all life forms that share the world with us. As the architects of extinction; this is our elegy to life on earth.

Upside down, the experience of being stationary, changes the perspective significantly. Inverted.  The exposed skin feels vulnerable and sensitive to the breeze. It is hard to surrender.

Collaboration, Mundane Observations, Public Space