WAYS of WALKING - Cynthia Schwertsik ARTS IN YOUR SPACE, in Unley
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About This Project

This is a public artwork commissioned in 2018, by the City of Unley – for the series of ARTS IN YOUR SPACE.

WAYS of WALKING is a tour of everyday strolls through Unley tracing unique experiences of local people in Malvern, Highgate, Fullarton, and Myrtle Bank.

There are 20 stations, each has a tale from the community that has been transformed into a short story and images that can be accessed through the QR-code.

images: Jennifer Hofmann

design: Gregg Mitchell

It was a wonderful process for me; discovering local treasures and talking to many people about their day to day experiences in the neigbourhood. The kids from Highgate Primary School were involved, they were fantastically helpful and creative.

If you are not in Adelaide, then you can access the content through an   APP   and take the walk virtually – have fun!

here I share one of my favorite stories:

Riku remembers Dr. Brimmage’s. It was always an
impressive place on this prominent corner. Today,
the traffic has taken over and it has become less
attractive, but when walking the dog, Riku comes
across the remains of the fence and remembers all
the gossip. It never made much sense, but things
stick in your memory nevertheless.

  here – you can tap on the link to the APP and visit all 20 stories and videos

Paper Work, Participatory Exchange, Public Space