getting to work in studio - attempts on burning away the fear of fire, a daily ritual
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studio art work

studio art work

Summer is churning out some substantial heat around these days, so much of my time is spent pouring water onto the dry vegetation. While I wander around my place with the hose, I ponder the vulnerability of life. I think about the looming threat of fire, the most precarious element, every moment it could burst out, screaming… – we live in fear of just that happening and we go through quite some resources to prevent sparks.

In a ridiculous attempt to show my respect to fire, I make small studio burnings, a ritual of daily sacrifice – one burning a day – ?

I know, ancient religion had that all set up, somehow that believe system still exists in the back of my mind. But really, how do we live with fire? I am left with the ashes and my thoughts.

So in the end; art should be a possible parallel reality – something we could try out. I am still searching for that outcome.

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