Poly-Ubiquitous, the humble plastic bag - landscapes of the future? Up in 2017 and 2018 as public art in the streets of Sydney
art, public art, plastic, sustainable art, colour, photograph
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About This Project


in 2016 this work won a prize by the City of Sydney.

It has since been displayed on hoardings in public space throughout the Sydney CBD.

The photo series Poly Ubiquitous turns its focus on the seductive beauty that the humble shopping bag can display. Immersed in water magnificent colours, transparency and light create intrigue. Only on closer inspection, the viewer may reveal the simple origin of the image.

Plastic has become a convenient companion to help us travel through our daily life, taking the heavy weight off our shoulders. However, the beast of the slowly but menacingly growing Oceanic garbage patch starts to invade our comfortable life. I hope my images bring awareness to the next piece of plastic we hold in our hand before we dispose of it.

This sequence is informed by Zalasiewicz’s scientific research of a suggested Anthropocene epoch, and Gaye Hawkins reflections on the persistence of waste in Unwelcome Returns, amongst others. Not to forget the impressive bulk of plastic to be found within my home and studio.

Landscapes of the future?

Mundane Observations, Paper Work, Public Space