Thin Places 1 | Cynthia Schwertsik
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Collaboration, Mundane Observations, Public Space
About This Project

Landscape Stories – Mutton Cove, by OSCA

was on show 2018 at FONTANELLE Gallery in Port Adelaide

Public intervention in collaboration with Photograper Jennifer Hofmann on the Le Fevre Peninsular 2018

HD Video & still photographs

What is a Thin Place?  The ancient pagan Celts, and later, Christians, used the term to describe mesmerizing places. Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.

We investegated this Thin Place through some of our typical cultural balast such as costumes and chairs. The chair here is a symbol of cultural heritage that we carry with us, both as a burden and a commodity. This piece of furniture elevates me and in doing so there is distance created between the foot and the ground. At Mutton Cove we played in this mode of hovering above the ground on various chairs. This place made us aware of our status of being merely observers in a unique and beautiful place.

Our project is discussed in FINE PRINT Magazine issue 17 CLIMATES  in an article by Chris Reid