GREEN CUBE - La Grange a Rhizomes, Bourgogne 2018
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GREEN CUBE – La Grange a Rhizomes, Bourgogne 2018

GREEN CUBE – La Grange a Rhizomes, Bourgogne 2018

As an artist in Resident in the lovely Montreal in Yonne France, I have a wonderful time. It is always great to exchange ideas and talk to other artists about life the universe and everything! I am invited by Jeanne Laurent to present some work from the series: Poly – Ubiquitous. I am very happy that Jeanne is so fond of my work to invite me to participate here in this exhibition.

Jeanne’s oevre has many similarities to my approach, she likes to work outdoors, she includes performance, and never sleeps :). I am most impressed by her textile installations that create special relationships across large distances. Jeanne also works as a photographer I am looking forward to spending some time together to collaborate this weekend, I am curious what we can make together – what a privilege!

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