AnthropocenTric Speculations - Cynthia Schwertsik
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About This Project

AnthropocenTric Speculations is a series of public performances captured on video by ingenious Jennifer Hofmann.

this first iteration of the work presented at Sauerbier House, Port Noarlunga at the end of a three-month residency at the mouth of the Ngangkiparri (Kaurna Women’s River or Onkaparinga River)

While investigating how care can be a practice of political consequence, Ben Okri’s The Freedom Artist rattles my soul. I reenact the wildlife that is rapidly pushed away as humans increasingly take up space. I rely on memory while I pray for diversity and continue to unsettle my position within the surrounding landscape.


Fulvia Mantelli has written a marvelous essay about my work. Read more here

Mundane Observations, Public Space